Pompano Beach Car Accident Attorney

Pompano Beach Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are an unfortunate part of everyday life in Pompano Beach.  The roads and freeways may be a wonderful place to relax as you drive through the warm Florida air, but that dreamy world can come crashing down if you are involved in a wreck. And unfortunately, car accidents often lead to serious injuries or death, depending on the circumstances.

In order to ensure that you receive compensation for what happened on the road, it is important you take certain steps, and speak with an attorney as soon as possible.


Official Documentation is Essential at the Scene of An Accident

If you are involved in a car accident, insist that the incident be reported to law enforcement so that an officer can ensure that it is officially documented.  Such documentation will be essential in the process of being fully compensated for all damages to your person and property.  Furthermore, official documentation will help you to avoid “he said, she said” scenarios that could potentially even expose to you to personal liability in the event a jury agrees with a fabricated version of events.  Finally, don’t confront other parties to the accident with demands at the scene; it’s not safe because you don’t know a thing about them, and they could become violent or flee.


Facts about Filing An Insurance Claim in Florida’s “No Fault” System

Florida is unique when it comes to car accidents because it is a “no fault” insurance state.  This type of insurance, formally titled personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, covers all qualified individuals involved in an accident, regardless of who caused the crash or injuries.  Stepping outside of this “no fault” system to pursue claims directly against an at-fault driver is a complex process that is available only when injuries resulting from the accident are deemed to satisfy a specific legal criterion.  Because of this, you would benefit from discussing your car accident case with an experienced attorney.


What To Do If You Have Been Involved In A Pompano Beach Car Accident

Car accidents are a traumatic experience for all involved.  They turn a day upside down in a matter of seconds, endangering persons, property, and future plans.  To be made whole after your involvement in a Pompano Beach car accident, take action to retain the services of skilled and dedicated Pompano Beach car accident attorney.  To understand the courses of action available to you, you will need to establish the facts of your case in accordance with specific timelines and procedures required by the state of Florida.  At Ask My Attorneys, we understand the physical, emotional, and monetary toll an accident takes on a victim.  We will do everything we can to make your plight for justice as stress-free and lucrative as possible.  Click here to contact the firm online.

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