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We Asked An Attorney About Options for Motorcycle Hit and Run Victims

Hit-and-runs are increasingly common in Florida. These types of accidents are especially tragic because, in some cases, the victim of the crash may have survived if the other driver had stopped and rendered aid, rather than flee the scene.

Hit and run drivers are taking a big chance when they flee the scene of the accident. While some of these drivers may get away with what they have done, most will not. Police are vigilant in hunting down hit and run drivers. And when hit and run drivers are located, they are often treated harshly by the legal system, and rightfully so. This is due to their total disregard for human life, as evidenced by their flight from the scene of an accident.

The law allows for motorcycle accident victims to recover damages from those who cause an accident resulting in injuries. In civil cases especially, the fact that a driver fled from the scene of an accident is valuable evidence in proving that driver’s negligence in a suit to recover damages from that driver. Jurors are not often sympathetic to a driver who caused injury and then left the victim without notifying the authorities.

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At Ask My Attorneys, we look out for motorcyclists who have been seriously injured by reckless and cowardly drivers. We can help you explore all possible sources of compensation to identify your rights and options.

Ask an Attorney About Compensation Options After a Hit and Run Accident

If you have been the victim of a hit and run accident while riding your motorcycle, you may be wondering how you can seek compensation for your injuries and damages if you do not know the identity of the at-fault driver, and therefore cannot assert a claim against the driver and his or her insurance company.

Fortunately, you may be able to seek compensation from your own insurance policy. Although it is not required in Florida as with passenger vehicles, motorcycle riders can purchase personal injury protection coverage under their motorcycle insurance policy. This coverage will provide compensation for medical treatment and lost wages due to injuries.

You may also have purchased uninsured motorist coverage for your motorcycle insurance policy. When an accident is caused by a driver who then flees the scene, the at-fault driver is deemed to be an uninsured motorist and, therefore, an injured person with uninsured motorist coverage can seek benefits from their insurer.

Steps to Take after a Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident

1. Call 911

Report the accident to law enforcement. Police officers will properly document your case which provides essential information in any motor vehicle accident. DO NOT get pursuaded not to call the police as they may be the only independent witness willing to testify on your behalf.

2. Get the names and contact information of any eyewitnesses.

Eyewitnesses may be able to help you identify the fleeing driver, such as providing the license plate number or vehicle description.

3. Take photographs or vidoes 

Use your smartphone camera  (or any other available camera) to take pictures of the scene and vehicles if there is visible damage. Also, if you happen to have visible injuries,  photograph them, as well. Photos or videos can be later used to establish how your accident occurred or help put together an accident reconstruction.

5. Seek medical attention.

The first thing you should do after an accident is get yourself checked out at a hospital, even if your injuries are minor. It is important to follow up with a medical provider to have your injuries diagnosed and a treatment plan established – that way, you can affirmatively establish your damages when seeking compensation.

4. Speak with an experienced hit-and-run motorcycle accident attorney.

In order to ensure that you receive the compensation and rights to which you are legally entitled, it is a good idea to now contact an expeirenced motorcycle accident lawyer.

Have You Been the Victim of Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a motorcycle accident and the driver fled the scene, you may have a legal cause of action against them that may result in monetary compensation. To find out what rights you have, and whether there are any applicable deadlines, you should contact an experienced accident attorney Rafael Gonzalez.

If you are a victim of a "hit-and-run" motorcycle accident, ask an attorney what to do!

Rafael Gonzalez has over 20 years of experience representing accident & injury victims in and around Plantation, Florida. We offer free legal assistance with no obligation. All consultations are completely confidential and you pay absolutely nothing out-of-pocket. There are never any attorney's fees unless we win!

Here at Ask My Attorneys, we have experienced aggressively fighting for our clients that have been involved in all kinds of traffic accidents, including:

You NEVER PAY unless YOU GET PAID. We understand you have your choice of no-win, no-fee personal injury lawyers.

Understand your legal rights when you are involved in a motorcycle accident. Schedule an free case evaluation or contact us at 954-961-5100 for more information or to discuss your free consultation. We speak English and Spanish.

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Meet Atty. Rafael Gonzalez

Attorney Rafael A. Gonzalez received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Miami School of Law. 

While at the University of Miami, Mr. Gonzalez earned a judicial clerk position with the Honorable Judge Shelley Kravitz of the County Court House for Miami Dade County and took part in one of the largest product liability litigation cases in the United States. The case, Engle v Liggett, was against tobacco companies and resulted in a 145 billion dollar award to the plaintiffs. 

Mr. Gonzalez earned his stripes working with firms in Downtown Miami and Hialeah, Florida as a civil attorney. In 2010, Mr. Gonzalez joined forces with other civil litigators as a partner in the law firm of Freeman, Mallard, Sharp and Gonzalez specializing in motor vehicle accidents.

Read more about him here.
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