Intersection Accident

Intersection Accident

When an accident occurs at an intersection in Broward County, it can be deadly. Florida is known for its dangerous intersections and accidents at intersections are far too common. Even the most careful drivers can find themselves in a serious accident at an intersection for different reasons, including another’ s negligence, confusing traffic signs, debris, or other circumstances.  Negligence is by far the come common cause.  Drivers often fail to abide by traffic signals or lights, run stop signs, ignore yield signs, or fail to acknowledge another driver’s right of way. When drivers approach an intersection with the intent to keep driving, they are traveling at high speeds. These speeds can cause high impact crashes and severe injuries.

Intersection Accidents Occur Too Often

Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ statistics indicate that there were 23,210 accidents in Broward County in the year 2011. Of these accidents, 160 people died. This number is significant in comparison to other counties, as Broward County only included Miami-Dade for the number of accidents and deaths that year. The same report indicates that the motorcyclist and passenger fatalities increased by 18% for the entire state from the previous year, and fatalities of teen drivers and passengers increased by 7%.

Considering the frequency of intersection accidents, it is important for all drivers to be particularly cautious when traveling in these locations.  For example, a helpful tip when you are idling at a stoplight at a busy intersection is to wait a few seconds after the light has turned green before traveling through. Since many people are in a rush to get to their destinations and do not slow down when seeing a yellow light, they often disobey the traffic light when it turns red and drive right through the intersection. The delay of putting your foot on the gas for just a moment can potentially save your life.

Yet, no matter how careful you are, there remains a significant risk of being hurt in an intersection accident.  If it occurs, it is critical to understand your legal rights.  Documentation may prove critical in subsequent legal matters.  You should take pictures of the accident if you have a camera or camera phone available and look around for traffic cameras that are present at certain intersections.  You should also write down the contact information of any witnesses that saw the accident.

Being a Victim of an Intersection Accident

With the likelihood that an accident will occur today or tomorrow at an intersection in Broward County, you should know what to do if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation. The law is complex, and insurance companies are not looking out for your best interests, so you should consider a consultation with an attorney to discuss your legal rights.

Ask A Lawyer

As a victim, you should not have to take on the financial burden alone. The pain and suffering that you have endured due to the accident can be devastating, but you will also be expected to take care of your vehicle’s repairs, rental car costs, and medical expenses. You should demand payment from the negligent party and/or that party’s insurance company.

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