Hit and Run

Hit and Run

If you live in Florida, then you probably rely heavily on your vehicle to get you from place to place. That’s why when you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, your life changes dramatically. The situation can be made even worse if the person that caused injury leaves before you even realize what has happened. Florida law holds that person responsible for not sticking around and the failure to do so is known as a “hit and run.”

“Hit and Run” Accidents

If you are hurt or injured due to the accident, then you deserve to receive financial compensation. The responsible party is required to provide you of his or her identifying information before leaving. Identifying information includes the party’s name, address and registration number of his or her vehicle. Information regarding insurance coverage should also be exchanged. Under the law the person who caused an injury is also required to “render to any person injured in the crash reasonable assistance, including the carrying, or the making of arrangements for the carrying, of such person to physician, surgeon, or hospital for medical or surgical treatment.”

When you are injured and the responsible party leaves the scene without permission from law enforcement, this is a hit and run. Do not be fooled by the term “hit and run”–it refers to many different situations. If you are run off the road by another vehicle that did not stop to assist you and your vehicle is damaged or you are injured as a result, then this is considered a hit and run accident.  If you are simply walking and a car crashes into you and leaves the scene, this is also a hit and run. Many accidents occur because there are few sidewalks for pedestrians to walk on and in bad weather conditions or at night, they may be difficult to see by oncoming traffic.

Florida Hit and Run

Unfortunately, hit and run accidents are prevalent in Florida.  Seemingly every week bring more news of accidents (often fatal), where drivers leave the scene. People often leave the scene of an accident because they do not have car insurance. Others believe that their insurance premiums will rise because they are at fault. There are also people that are intoxicated when they are driving and do not want to get caught by the police. Therefore, they leave before law enforcement arrives or before you can get any information from them. While a person will have to face criminal charges for leaving the scene, you may also be able to hold this person (or others) responsible for the costs you have incurred as a result of the accident.

There are cases, however, when the responsible party is not found after the accident. This does not mean that you should bear the financial burden on your own. You may be able to get compensation from your own insurance company, especially if you have underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. To find out more about the possible solutions to your financial problems brought on by the accident, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney. You have the right to receive payment when you have been wrongfully injured, and you do not have to deal with this alone.

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