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Delay tactics used by insurance companies

The average American citizen spends thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars per year on various types of insurance; there’s automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, rental insurance, professional liability insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, third-party liability... and the list goes on and on. Insurance companies are just businesses willing to capitalize and make a profit on anything that carries even the smallest chance of loss or liability.

So when trouble happens and you need to file a claim, it's absolutely reasonable of you to expect your insurance company to fulfill their duties according to the agreement, just like you do by paying your premium every month. Our personal injury lawyer in Plantation say that because large losses happen relatively rarely in an individual's lifetime, most people are unfortunately not familiar with the ways that insurance firms operate--your ignorance could be used against you. If you're going to try to level the playing field, it's important to understand the most common tactics used by insurance companies in order to avoid paying your claim.

Refusing to investigate a claim

First things first, your claim needs to be confirmed as legitimate in order to be paid. In some cases (car accidents, for example) you may also need to show which party is at fault. There may be multiple factors that need to be investigated, but if the insurance company refuses to look into it, the claim won’t be confirmed as legitimate and you may be denied payment.

Refusing payment on a legitimate claim

Even if the claim has been found to be legitimate, the company may still refuse to pay. In some cases, an insurance company will simply issue a very general denial without any clear explanation. Our personal injury attorney in Plantation says that often, frustrated customers will simply accept this as the final say, which is exactly what they hope you’ll do.

Delaying your claim until it dies out

Delaying claims is another common tactic practiced by insurance providers, and it’s surprisingly effective. Policyholders simply become exhausted with the chasing and investigation processes and stop fighting. Incredibly unethical and immoral, there have been cases where, with the knowledge that the insured is terminally ill, long-term care insurers delay claims until the patient’s death.

Intentionally confusing the policyholder

The contracts that you sign in order to activate your policy are intentionally convoluted and difficult to understand. Insurance companies know that you need insurance (and in many cases are obliged to purchase it), so you’ll most likely sign whatever document is required in order to activate your coverage. Then, when the time comes to file a claim, you may find that you unintentionally signed something that was not exactly in your favor--our personal injury lawyer in Plantation wants to stress to customers that insurance companies will try to capitalize on that fact.

plantation personal injury attorney These tactics are shameful and fall under what is known as "bad faith insurance.” An insurance company is said to be engaged in bad faith activities when it fails to treat insured people in a fair and reasonable manner which, unfortunately, is a frequent occurrence. However, you do have options for legal protection; don’t let insurance companies lead you to emotional distress and contact our personal injury attorney in Plantation to talk about your individual case. You may be entitled to receive punitive damages.

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