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Davie Auto Accident Attorney

As a car accident victim, you deserve to get the maximum compensation for all the damages, pain, and suffering you endured. To do this, you need the help of an auto accident lawyer who has decades of experience representing and winning car accident cases. 

At AskMyAttorneys, we understand how stressful the whole ordeal must be for you. Here’s how to find the best Davie auto accident attorney to take care of your case:

  • Be careful of unsolicited offers from strangers.
  • Choose a lawyer with a proven success record.
  • Look for no-win-no-fee personal injury lawyers.
  • Find an auto accident lawyer who offers high-quality yet affordable services.

Is it worth getting a Davie accident lawyer for a car accident? 

Yes, it is definitely worth it. The claims process can be arduous and even intimidating for someone who has no real-life experience and substantial knowledge in legal processes. Here’s what our car accident lawyers at AskMyAttorneys can do for you:

Your lawyer will not let you settle for less.

The insurance adjuster or the claims agent may try to get you to settle the case early. If you accept their offer, you are no longer entitled to get additional monetary compensation for what happened and the future complications that may develop because of the accident.

Before agreeing on a settlement offer, you should first understand the full extent of your injuries and how the accident might affect your work and quality of life. Your lawyer can help you weigh the fairness of the settlement offer, prevent you from settling too early, and ensure that you are compensated for future accident-related expenses.

Your attorney will guide you in giving statements.

After the accident, the other party may ask for your statement regarding the accident. Without the help of a car accident attorney, you might give them information that they can use against you. They may take your answers to their questions out of context and make it look like the accident was your fault. Insurance companies often do this to avoid paying for damages. 

Before giving any statement, contact our Davie car accident attorney first. They can guide you on what information to provide without hurting your chances of winning the case.

Davie Auto Accident Attorney

Your attorney will assist you in collecting evidence.

Evidence is crucial to winning your case. You need to present convincing and valid evidence to justify your claim. This may include police reports, accident photos, medical records of your injuries, and skid marks. To prove the cause of the accident, you may also need to get testimonies from witnesses.

You need to collect evidence before they disappear. Some can be more difficult to obtain than others. For example, it can be really difficult and even impossible to gain access to security camera footage and phone records without a subpoena issued by a car accident lawyer.

Your lawyer will help you determine if filing a case is worth it.

As a no-fault state, Florida law requires drivers to claim benefits from their insurance providers, regardless of who caused the accident. Filing a claim with your own insurance company can be challenging, too. Always consult your Davie auto accident attorney before talking to your insurance company. They will negotiate with your insurance provider to give you just compensation.

The state of Florida also recognizes pure comparative fault or negligence, which means that you may still collect damages from the at-fault driver, as long as it’s proportional to your fault in the crash. Your lawyer can help you determine how much compensation you may receive for your damages, despite being partially at-fault.

Your lawyer will not budge against scare tactics.

Car accident victims are vulnerable physically and psychologically. The goal of the insurance claim agent is to give you as little compensation as possible, and they might try different scare and delay strategies to achieve this. A lawyer who knows your rights can protect you from these methods and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Your attorney can help you compute the amount of compensation you deserve to receive.

There are many things to consider when calculating the amount you should receive in damages. You have to factor in your medical and surgical expenses, lost wages, emotional damages, pain and suffering, and impact on your quality of life. Some of these are hard to quantify. Your auto accident lawyer can help you calculate the suitable amount you should receive.

Davie Car Accident Attorney

When should I hire an attorney after a car accident? 

Immediately after an accident, speaking to a car accident lawyer keeps you guided on what to do and what to say when dealing with insurance adjusters. As much as possible, talk to your attorney first before letting your insurance provider know about the accident.

You need the services of our auto accident lawyer in Davie if you find yourself in these situations:

  1. You are seriously injured, or your car is significantly damaged.
  2. Someone else may have caused the accident.
  3. The insurance provider is offering to settle the claim at a low price.
  4. The accident led to a loved one’s death.

We fight for your car accident compensation in Davie

Our Davie personal injury attorneys have been helping many victims and families navigate the legal proceedings after a vehicle accident. Through their professional experience and knowledge, they also offer affordable access to legal help 24/7.

Our lawyers fight for the rights of their clients to receive reasonable and maximum compensation for:

  • Medical bills, including surgical costs, doctor consultations, medications, mobility devices, and future medical expenses.
  • Missed workdays and diminished earning capacity.
  • Damage to vehicle and property, including the price for repair.
  • Pain and suffering, including the physical and psychological effects of the injuries you sustained because of the accident.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Davie

To build a strong case, you need to determine the cause of the accident and collect evidence to prove it. The most common cause of car accidents in Davie is negligence. Other causes include:

  1. Overspeeding
  2. Distracted driving (using phone while driving)
  3. Not following traffic laws 
  4. Disregarding road signs
  5. Beating the red light
  6. Driving under the influence (alcohol or illicit drugs)
  7. Poor weather conditions
  8. Poor road conditions
  9. Broken traffic lights
  10. Vague or confusing traffic signs
  11. Illegible road signs
  12. Driving while drowsy or tired

Our Davie car accidents attorneys’ practice areas

Our auto accident lawyers are passionate about helping the community and bringing legal help close to those who need it. We have been successfully representing auto accident victims in all areas of South Florida, including:

  • Davie
  • Lauderhill
  • Hollywood
  • Sunrise
  • Oakland Park
  • Pembroke Pines
  • Pompano Beach
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Broward County

Our no-win-no-fee personal injury lawyers make sure that we establish a 1-on-1 relationship with our clients. Each case has a unique set of circumstances and needs unique solutions. At AskMyAttorneys, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain because you don’t pay unless you get paid.

auto accident lawyer davie

Where to find a car accident lawyer offering a free consultation near me?

If you were involved in a car accident, you might be asking these questions:

  • What are my legal rights?
  • Am I entitled to compensation?
  • Am I liable?
  • Are my medical bills covered?

Let our Davie personal injury and car accident attorneys help you understand your legal rights and get the compensation you deserve. At AskMyAttorneys, we have highly qualified and experienced personal injury and accident lawyers serving Pembroke Pines and the surrounding area. Our auto accident attorney will walk you through the process, taking the stress out of a situation that is already stressful enough.

Please schedule an appointment or contact us at 954-961-5100 for more information or to discuss your free consultation. We speak English and Spanish. 

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What Our Clients Say

  • June loochkartt

    "Mr. Gonzalez is a highly effective personal injury who gets results and practices with diligence, professionalism and integrity. He is swift to get results, fights for you and never backs down from a difficult case to obtain a great result. Always responsive to questions and very thorough handling of the case. I would highly recommend his firm to anyone looking for representation."


    "I would highly recommend Rafael Gonzalez as a personal injury attorney. He demonstrates Professionalism, was very knowledge, and was responsive to all my concerns. He answered all my questions in a timely manner with compassion and wisdom. He is a great negotiator and always has his client’s best interest at heart. I would highly recommend him as a personal injury attorney. Thank you, Rafael Gonzalez!"


    I had an awesome experience with this law firm. Rafael Gonzalez and his team are great all the time take the phone. Answer questions, always ready to help you. Being in an accident is already so stressful, they would help you with everything you need: guide you with your doctors visits, give you an advise all the time. I strongly recommend them for ALL your situations. Love them!!!!

  • Ada Fondeur

    Very professional and attentive team. Attorney Gonzalez was always willing to answer my questions and concerns and most of all always looking out for my best interest. Very satisfied.


    My process was very long but it was worth the wait. Mr. Gonzalez and his team are very professional and a great to work with. I received updates as to my case frequently and I appreciate all the updates. Thank you very much for handling my case.

  • Kayann Rainford

    Attorney Rafael Gonzalez and his paralegal gave good customer service, very friendly, respectful and nice.

  • SARA T.

    I was referred to Attorney Ralph Gonzalez to take care of injuries sustained from a car accident where I was rear ended. Not only did they make sure I got the care I needed, but were extremely professional and thorough in communication to explain the processes, follow ups, and expectations. Just closed the case after some time with a bigger settlement than expected, and I couldn't be happier with the treatment/services received from this office. Will 100% recommend to everyone. Thank you!


    I am very pleased with the service and I received from this law firm. I am thankful to have Mr. R. Gonzalez as my attorney. I would recommend calling this office to represent you.


    Mr. Rafael is always professional and gives realistic expectations of everything.

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