Coral Spring Florida Car Accident Attorney

Coral Spring Florida Car Accident Attorney

Although no one hopes to be involved in a car accident, the sad reality is that millions of people are involved in wrecks each year across the country. And Florida residents aren’t left unaffected; according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, 468,470 drivers were involved in traffic crashes in 2012 alone. Sadly, over 2,000 of those wrecks led to a fatality, with numerous other injuries occurring as well.

For those who are injured in a car accident though, or for those who have lost a loved one, the law provides ways by which compensation can be recovered. It is absolutely in your best interests to speak with a Coral Springs attorney today to learn about your options.


Principles of Accident-Related Financial Recovery Unique to Florida Law

Generally, to recover money damages after a car accident, one must show that the accident was the result of the negligent conduct of another.  Negligence happens when one party breaches a duty owed to another party, and that breach results in damages.  The duty can be either a duty to take action, or a duty to refrain from taking action.  What is unique about Florida is that the state partially departs from ordinary principles of negligence by employing a “no fault” insurance framework in matters of car accidents.  “No fault” insurance (formally titled personal injury protection (PIP) insurance), covers all qualified individuals involved in an accident, regardless of who caused the crash or injuries.  It is possible to step outside of the Florida’s “no fault” default structure, but only when personal injuries stemming from a car accident reach a certain threshold of permanence.  Here, the key concept is permanence.  As with negligence, permanence is a legal concept requiring the satisfaction of certain key elements.  The presence of any one of the following elements will result in a finding of permanence:

– Permanent cessation of an important bodily function;

– An injury considered to be permanent within a reasonable degree of medical probability (other than disfigurement or scarring);

– Significant and permanent disfigurement or scarring; or

– Death.

A finding of the presence of any one of these elements can be a complex process involving a number of legal questions that must be answered in order to step outside of Florida’s “no fault” presumption.  Because of this, you will benefit greatly from consulting a skilled and experiencedCoral Springs car accident attorney.


What To Do If You Have Been Involved In A Coral Springs Car Accident

Car accidents are an unpleasant and dangerous experience for all involved.  They can alter plans in a heartbeat, doing serious harm to persons, property, and many things in the future.  To be made whole after your involvement in a Coral Springs car accident, make sure to retain the services of skilled and experiencedCoral Springs car accident attorney.  To fully comprehend the courses of action available to you, you will need to establish the facts of your case in accordance with specific timelines and procedures put in place by the state of Florida.  At Ask My Attorneys, we understand the physical, emotional, and monetary toll an accident takes on a victim.  We will do everything we can to make your plight for justice as straightforward and financially beneficial as possible.  Clickhere to contact the firm online.


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