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Road accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. It can occur for various reasons一from mechanical problems and overspeeding to road rages and loss of vehicle control. But currently, there’s an increasing number of car crashes and road accidents due to distracted driving.

Did you know that about 9 Americans get killed every day due to accidents caused by distracted driving, according to the CDC? In fact, the study also reported that one in five victims who died were not using any vehicles一they were either walking, using the pedestrian lane, or riding a bike.

The rising number of deaths and crashes is becoming alarming. That’s why it’s important to get educated and know how to prevent such accidents. More importantly, it’s crucial to know what to do if you ever fall victim to a distracted driver.

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What is distracted driving?

Distracted driving is the act of driving while doing another task, which eventually diverts their attention away from driving. Many activities may constitute as distracted driving, such as texting, calling another person, using the phone for navigation, eating, drinking, and engaging with passengers. 

Tasks that can distract the driver while driving may be grouped into three types:

So basically, any task requiring you to take your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel constitutes a distraction. Unfortunately, almost 10% of all drivers do these distracting activities, which increases the risk of car crashes, accidents, and deaths. 

What can you do to prevent accidents caused by distracted driving?

With a lot of technological additions in every vehicle, it’s easy to get your mind preoccupied with every other activity except driving. However, not giving your 100% focus on the road can endanger your life and someone else’s. So, here are some of the things you can do to avoid such tragedy:

Adjust your seat, check your mirrors, put in the address on your GPS, and select your music before starting the car. A lot can happen in five seconds as you take your eyes off the road to adjust your side mirror.

Using your phone while driving is against the law since this simple task can endanger many lives. Even hands-free use of phones can distract your mind off the road.

Being engrossed in a conversation, even if it’s only on the phone, can cause a driver to miss simple yet important road cues. 

Soft music can help relax and pass the time while driving. But loud songs, raucous laughter, and rowdy passengers can divert the driver’s attention away from the road. It can also cause them to be less attentive to the signals from other cars on the road.

Finish your food and drinks before driving to avoid accidental food spills leading to car crashes and deaths.

Even the slightest hint of drowsiness should be a cause for concern. So pull off the road instead of driving faster to arrive at your destination.

What should you do if you get involved in a car accident with a distracted driver?

No matter how careful or focused you may be, you cannot control the actions of other drivers around you. So if you ever got into a fender bender caused by a distracted driver, then here are some important things to remember:

Call 911

Check for injuries and ensure everyone is fine and free from immediate danger. Then, call 911 to request police assistance and medical help. Even if there are no apparent injuries, you should still seek medical attention since some injuries may appear later.

Gather information

While waiting for the police to enter the scene, take the time to gather information from the other party involved. Take note of the driver’s name, contact number, make and model of the vehicle, and insurance information.

You can also seek witnesses that may have been nearby during the accident. You can take their statements and keep them for future use. Additionally, you may also write down everything you remember before, during, and after the crash. Every small detail is important since it can be used to prove distracted driving in court.

Take photos of the scene

Take photos of all the cars involved in the crash accident. You can also take a photograph of the whole accident scene and nearby details that may become important later on, such as the condition of the road, street signs, and skid marks. Plus, you can take photos of your injuries so you can use them later on as evidence.

Seek legal help

You should only provide your statement to the police and no one else. Refrain from apologizing or talking about the details of the accident to your insurer or other parties involved. Even if you’re not at fault, anything you say may accidentally put the blame on yourself.

So the best thing to do is hire a competent car accident lawyer to help prove your case in court.

Where to find the best car accident attorney in South Florida?

An accident caused by a distracted driver does not only result in a pile of medical bills and a damaged vehicle. It also means no work and income for months, possible psychological trauma, and a drastic decrease in your quality of life. 

Have you or someone you know has been a victim of a distracted driver? If so, then Atty. Rafael Gonzalez一our expert personal injury lawyer in Broward County一can help bring justice to your case.

Ask My Attorneys is the home of qualified lawyers that specializes in handling and winning cases related to car accidents. Our head litigator, Atty. Rafael Gonzalez has helped countless victims by representing their cases in court and recovering the maximum compensation they deserve. What’s more we offer free legal assistance with no obligation. No Fee Unless You Win.

Besides distracted driving car accidents, our car accident attorney in Plantation also specializes in other practice areas, such as:

And more!Schedule a Free Case Evaluation now so you can start your consultation and ask our attorneys every legal question you have about your case. We speak English and Spanish.

No one wants to be involved in a vehicular accident of any kind. But no matter how careful or alert you are, there will come a time when you will find yourself in a car collision. So, it’s better to know what to expect and be ready when the unthinkable happens, especially if you or your passenger sustained an injury.

In 2019, the DOT reported that over 2.74 million people in the US sustained injuries from auto accidents. Of those reported, approximately 3,183 car collisions resulted in deaths in Florida. 

Of course, not every vehicular accident will result in the death of the people involved. There are many types of injuries you can get depending on the cause and severity of the collision. These factors also prove crucial in the amount of compensation you can receive when your personal injury lawyer in Broward County files a case. 

But first, let us discuss the seven most common vehicular accident injuries and what you should do about them.

  1. Bruises and lacerations

Bruises, cuts, and scrapes are some of the most common minor injuries a car accident victim may sustain. Even the slightest hit in your car’s rear-end may cause you to bump into the dash or slam into your seatbelt, causing a bruise to develop after a few days.

But if the accident involves shattered glass windows or sharp debris, then victims can sustain lacerations. This type of injury refers to a deep cut in the skin that can damage the soft tissues underneath. If you suffer from any form of laceration, the best thing to do is stop the bleeding by putting pressure with a clean cloth.

  1. Whiplash and other soft tissue injuries

Whiplash refers to an injury that occurs when the neck forcibly bends or whips in a back and forth motion. This sudden, forceful motion causes the muscles in the neck to stretch beyond their normal limit, thus causing intense pain in the neck area. 

Some of the symptoms of whiplash include neck to lower back pain, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, and ringing in the ears. Whiplash may seem like a simple injury, but studies suggest its symptoms can still affect a person five years after the accident. 

Other body parts that may suffer from a strain or sprain after an accident include the following: ankle, knees, hands, fingers, wrist, shoulder, and legs.

  1. Fracture and dislocation

Another common yet severe injury you can get from a vehicular crash is broken and dislocated bones. This can happen when a forceful impact comes in contact with a certain body part during the accident. For example, the wrist or fingers hitting the dashboard or airbag.

Fractured and dislocated bones may also occur when a body part gets twisted or trapped inside the car or by heavy debris. The severity of these conditions may vary from simple dislocations to complete bone fractures that may need surgical intervention.

Some of the most common body parts to sustain these musculoskeletal conditions include the neck, back, spine, ankle, and wrist.

  1. Facial injuries and scars

Your face is also vulnerable to many kinds of injuries during a car collision, especially after a high-speed impact accident. The face can sustain various injuries ranging from simple cuts and bruises to open wounds, burns, and fractures. Some of the most common facial features to get injured is as follows:

In severe cases, facial injuries may result in disfigurement and permanent scarring, affecting a victim’s quality of life.

  1. Traumatic brain injury

During a car accident, it is common to hit your head on parts of your car after a forceful impact. When this happens, you may suddenly experience dizziness, headache, confusion, blurred vision, and even memory problems. Some may even have a hard time remembering where they are or what happened before the collision. Such a condition is called traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic brain injuries or TBI are severe conditions that usually occur after a severe blow to the head, causing the brain to hit the skull. TBI has many types, and its symptoms can vary depending on the severity of the trauma. 

Regardless, all cases of traumatic brain injury should be met with prompt treatment to avoid further damage to the brain.

  1. Internal injuries

Severe car collisions can injure your delicate internal organs or cause a blood vessel to rupture, resulting in internal bleeding. This condition can be dangerous since internal bleeding or internal injuries don’t always have outward symptoms. There can be times when internal injuries will only be detected several days after an accident, which can be extremely dangerous. Some of the most common internal injuries you may sustain after an auto collision include:

So even if you don’t see any bruises after an accident, it’s still crucial to seek medical help and check for internal damages.

  1. Post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD

Auto accidents (even minor ones) cause not only physical injuries but also mental and psychological trauma. According to studies, it is common for motor and car collision victims to experience PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder days or even years after the accident. 

PTSD is a mental disorder that develops in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic or dangerous event. Symptoms of PTSD may appear days or months after the incident. But there can be times when its symptoms can occur years after the accident.

An individual suffering from PTSD due to a car accident can experience the following symptoms:

The mental consequences of a car accident should not be taken lightly. So besides physical medical help, victims should also seek psychological assistance from a counselor or psychiatrist.

personal injury lawyer in Broward County

Get legal advice from the best car accident attorney 

After seeking medical help, the next best course of action after a car accident is to consult with a knowledgeable no win no fee personal injury lawyer, like Attorney Gonzalez.

Atty. Rafael A. Gonzalez has more than 20 years of experience as a civil litigator in Downtown Miami and Hialeah, Florida. As one of the best car accident attorneys in Plantation, he specializes in handling motor and other vehicle accidents.

Atty. Gonzalez is also devoted to handling personal injury cases to help victims of negligence get the justice and compensation they deserve. He knows how confusing the justice system can be, so he’s here to guide you and explain your legal options, may it be in English or Spanish. Atty. Gonzalez also specializes in other practice areas, such as:

Contact and ask the attorney now at 954-961-5100 to get your free initial consultation and understand your legal rights.

After getting into an auto accident, Florida law grants you the right to seek compensation for the damages you sustained. It can be an economic type of compensation, such as recovering the financial costs of your medical appointment or injury treatment. It can also be the non-economic kind, such as seeking pain and suffering damages caused by the accident.

If you are a victim of a car accident that left you physically or mentally injured, you are entitled to damage compensations, like pain and suffering. All you need is an expert personal injury lawyer in Broward County to get you the settlement amount that you deserve. 

In this article, we will talk about the pain and suffering damages and the important things you need to know during a settlement.

What Constitutes “Pain and Suffering"?

“Pain and suffering” refers to a legal term mainly used in personal injury law to denote the physical, mental, and emotional injuries of the victim caused by the accident itself. There are two different types of this:

Physical Pain and Suffering

This involves the personal injuries and physical pain you acquired following an accident caused by someone’s negligence. It also includes the pain and discomfort you’ll be experiencing in the future as a consequence of the accident.

Generally, conditions and injuries that qualify as pain and suffering are permanent and/or chronic. Some examples include:

Mental Pain and Suffering

On the other hand, mental or emotional pain and suffering refer to the chronic psychological distress the victim experiences. Furthermore, this mental anguish may also result from the accident itself or the injuries you attained. It does not only include the mental suffering of today but also in the future days or years to come. Here are some examples:

What Is the Average Payout for Pain and Suffering Settlement?

Pain and suffering damages are a subjective type of loss, which means it’s a case-to-case basis. Calculating the damages will depend on the facts of the case and specific circumstances, such as:

Furthermore, the settlement amount will significantly depend on the injury’s or accident’s effect on your daily activities and quality of life.

Your personal injury attorney can use either of these two methods to calculate pain and suffering damages: multiplier or per diem method.

Generally, the average payout a plaintiff can get for pain and suffering damages is more or less $18,417. However, this can go up to six digits depending on your injury and the lawyer you will hire. 

Additionally, some states impose a damage cap on pain and suffering payout amounts. But in accordance with Florida law, there’s no cap in the Sunshine state unless the lawsuit involves medical malpractice. 

Pain and Suffering Settlement Examples and FAQs

Will you get a larger payout for broken bones than soft tissue injuries?

Generally, yes. Almost half (51%) of car accident settlements had a higher payout when the victim sustained a broken bone. 

For example, you were walking in a grocery store parking lot when a car hit you. You attained bruises in the face and a broken distal leg bone, which did not require any surgeries to treat.

Initially, the defendant’s insurance company will offer a low amount, like $50,000. But with a good lawyer, you can reach a settlement fee of $90,000, wherein 94% pays for the pain and suffering damages.

Do insurance companies pay higher when there’s hospitalization?

Yes. Hospitalization will increase the value of your pain and suffering settlement payout. For example, a car crash resulting in a broken bone that needs surgery and rehabilitation can increase your payout to at least $300,000.

But of course, it will still depend on how your lawyer will use the facts of your case and handle the negotiations.

Can pain and suffering compensation make up the most significant part of your settlement payout?

Yes. With a great car accident attorney, you can receive a settlement wherein 93% of the fee pays for your pain and suffering damages. Only 7% are allocated for out-of-pocket bills and liens.

Does being confined in a wheelchair yield a higher payout?

Yes. The main determiner of your settlement amount is the overall effect of the injury on your everyday life. For example, a fractured leg will get you a high payout but not as high as when your doctor requires you to be in a wheelchair for a few weeks. 

Depending on the facts of the case, your lawyer can get you about $200,000 to $300,000 settlement payout.

Can you still recover pain and suffering damages if you are at fault?

It depends on the state you are in. In Florida, you can still get compensated for pain and suffering damages even if you’re partially at fault. However, the amount is reduced based on the percentage of your fault.

How can you prove your pain and suffering damages in Florida?

Pain and suffering damages may be hard to recover from the insurance company without a competent lawyer by your side. By hiring one, your attorney can help hasten the process of your settlement by submitting proof of your pain and suffering damages. This includes:

Your lawyer can also use testimonies from medical experts and professionals to prove the pain and suffering you’re experiencing.

personal injury lawyer in Broward County

How to Get the Best Pain and Suffering Settlement?

If you have been injured in an auto accident, then you probably suffered from a lot more than just physical pain and financial loss. Get the compensation you deserve by contacting the best no win no fee personal injury lawyer in Florida, Atty. Rafael Gonzalez.

Atty. Rafael A. Gonzalez has been defending and standing up for the rights of car accident victims for more than 20 years now. He started his legal journey in the Public Defender’s Office, earned a position in the County Courthouse, and made his way to become a named civil litigator partner at Freeman, Mallard, Sharp, and Gonzalez law firm.

As a member of the Florida Bar Association, it is his duty to seek justice and fair compensation for you and other victims of auto and motorcycle accidents. Whether you’re an American or Spanish native, Atty. Gonzalez has got your back in this legal battle.

Besides pain and suffering settlement, our car accident attorney in Plantation, also represents victims involved in different types of accidents, such as:

Contact Atty. Gonzalez now to start your free case evaluation or visit his website to ask the attorney about your legal problems and queries. 

Having Spanish as your primary language in an American state can be frustrating at times, especially in legal proceedings. 

But nothing can compare to the challenge of not being able to hire a competent legal defense due to language barriers. Fortunately, this is where Spanish-speaking lawyers come in handy.

Keep on reading below to know why a Spanish-speaking car accident lawyer matters to both native and non-English speakers alike. 

Plus, learn more about what to do during a situation like this from the leading car accident attorney in Plantation, Atty. Rafael Gonzalez.

Benefits of Having Spanish Speaking Lawyers Represent You

The state of Florida has always had a naturally increasing population diversity over the years. In fact, the 2018 survey of the US Census Bureau showed that the Sunshine State’s population consists of over 20% Hispanic and Latinos.

Other research found that Florida has over 5 million Hispanic residents, making it the 3rd state with the highest Hispanic/Latino population. 

So living here means that you will probably bump shoulders with your fellow bilingual citizens from time to time. By now, you are also likely familiar with the frustrations of the language barrier in the state, especially if you mainly speak Spanish.

However, the real problem begins when you get into serious trouble, say a car accident. It would be extremely challenging to defend yourself or communicate with your legal counsel in this situation. But NOT if you have a Spanish-speaking car accident lawyer by your side. 

Here’s why hiring one matters in crucial cases:

  1. Effective Communication

The American judicial system heavily relies on facts and truths. This means that a simple misunderstanding or wrong choice of word can make or break your case. So, establishing open and clear communication with your lawyer is a crucial part of your defense. As a native Spanish speaker, you can only develop that by hiring a bilingual attorney to represent you. 

Some of the benefits of having effective client-attorney communication with Spanish speaking lawyers include:

Without language differences, you and your legal counsel can discuss everything openly without limitations. Furthermore, your lawyer can help you navigate the English-based legal system in a way that you can easily understand. 

All of these can positively help your claim, increasing your chances of winning this dispute.

  1. Inherent Trust and Reliability

Someone who speaks your mother tongue automatically becomes more trustworthy than someone who doesn’t, right? It is akin to seeing a familiar face in a crowd of strangers. There’s really no scientific explanation for that but human nature. We, humans, tend to trust what we understand.

So, trust will naturally develop once your Spanish-speaking car accident lawyer starts to successfully communicate your legal situation with you. In addition, reliability will also begin to arise as you witness how your trusted attorney represents you in court. 

Besides effective communication, trust and reliability are also what make an excellent attorney-client relationship. With this, you’ll be able to feel secure and confident, which is what every client deserves. 

  1. Vast Experience

Naturally, a bilingual attorney would have plenty of previous experience working with non-English speaking clients. This means that they already know how to communicate the law so that ordinary people can easily understand it.

  1. Representation

Native English speakers can also benefit from hiring a bilingual lawyer during legal situations. This becomes more crucial if you live in a state with a high number of Spanish-speaking people, such as Florida.

For example, hiring a Spanish-speaking personal injury lawyer in Broward County can help obtain witness testimonies from residents who only speak Spanish. They can then translate and relay it to you without changing the context of the narrative. 

More importantly, your attorney can effectively use it to strengthen your claim and defend you should it ever reach trial. This diverse range of representation is what makes a Spanish-speaking attorney essential to both native and non-English speakers.

So, if you ever find yourself in the middle of a car accident, the best thing to do are as follows:

Where To Find Spanish Lawyers Near Me?

Are you involved in a car accident or got injured during one? Don’t worry. The best “no win no fee” personal injury lawyers have got your back.

At Ask My Attorneys, we fight aggressively to protect your rights. We provide free initial consultation so clients can get real answers and real representation from real attorneys. 

Our team’s head lawyer, Atty. Rafael Gonzalez specializes in car and motor accident cases and has been doing this excellent work for more than 20 years. He also represents victims involved in different types of accidents, such as:

Call us now at 954-961-5100 or contact our attorney for a Free Case Evaluation and get more information about your legal situation. Our team speaks in both Spanish and English. You can now rest easy knowing that you’ll get the proper legal representation that you deserve. 

In 2020, the Florida Highway Safety And Motor Vehicles recorded a total of 341,331 vehicular crashes. If you suffered any form of injury after a vehicular collision, you know that you are entitled to some form of compensation for your pain and suffering. How about if you were not injured? Can you still sue the at-fault driver?

Yes, you can still sue even if you were not hurt after the car accident. For example, if your car got damaged because of the accident, you could file a property damage lawsuit to cover the cost of repair, which can still be quite expensive. If the accident made you seek medical treatment for emotional distress, you could also ask for compensation for this.

What are Property Damage Claims?

A property damage claim is any case where you sue someone because something of yours was damaged or destroyed. You can do this if someone did not intentionally destroy what you owned, but it happened anyway.

After a car accident, a property damage claim is usually filed with the at-fault driver's auto insurance company, which will pay for the damages. Usually, you need not escalate insurance claims into a lawsuit unless the at-fault driver is uninsured. If this is the case, a lawsuit may be your only option to recover your losses.

It may also be possible to make a claim against another party involved in an accident or even against your own car insurance policy if you are found to be partially at fault for the incident.

Property Damage Claim: How to Build a Strong Case Against the At-Fault Driver?

You need to prove three things to prove that the other party's negligence caused the damages to your property:

  1. Prove that the other driver's actions caused the damage to your property.
  2. Prove that the other motorist demonstrated carelessness before the accident.
  3. Prove that you incurred financial losses as a result of the accident.

To build a strong case against the other driver, you should file an accident report. Reports made by the police who responded to the accident can show who was negligent. You can also collect the following evidence to strengthen your case:

What Compensation Can I Recover?

In a property damage claim, you can seek reimbursement for the following expenses:

Apart from these, you should note any other relevant expenses and compile the bills to show proof of your losses.

Should I Settle or Go to Trial?

The at-fault driver's car insurance company will want to settle the case with you as soon as possible. Most car accident claims, especially property damage claims, are settled outside court as this is faster and less expensive.

However, suppose the other party is uninsured, or their insurance company is adamant and doesn't want to compensate you for your losses. In that case, you might have to escalate the case into a lawsuit. If you do, you need to prove to a judge why the other party is at fault and why you should be compensated for the property damages and losses you incurred because of the accident. 

Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer If I Was Not Hurt?

Although it is often unnecessary, hiring a car accident lawyer in Plantation, Fl, has many advantages. An experienced car accident attorney can help you

How Much Will My Car Accident Claim Be If I Was Not Injured?

You will be paid based on the total amount of accident-related expenses to property damage you incurred. It's also possible to receive compensation for the emotional suffering you experienced after the ordeal.

Where to get a car accident lawyer in Plantation, Fl?

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and need help, ask us, and we will answer all your questions and aggressively represent you and your loved ones.

Our excellent lawyer, Rafael Gonzalez is known in the community to provide reliable, trustworthy answers, aggressive legal representation, and affordable legal services. He has over 20 years of experience representing accident & injury victims in and around Plantation, Florida. Attorney Rafael Gonzalez offers free legal assistance with no obligation. All consultations are completely confidential and you pay absolutely nothing out-of-pocket. 

You NEVER PAY unless YOU GET PAID. Our no-win, no-fee personal injury lawyers specialize in the following areas:

Understand your legal rights when you are involved in a car accident. Then, please schedule a FREE case evaluation or contact us at 954-961-5100 for more information or discuss your free consultation. We speak English and Spanish.

The worth of a personal injury case is hard to quantify. There is no magic formula to calculate the exact value of a case. Because every personal injury case is unique, the value of each claim is also appraised individually.

In a 2019 report released by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), the state had a total of 236,753 motor-vehicle accidents that resulted in injuries. Approximately 14,200 of these were incapacitating injuries that required hospitalization and left the victim with disabling injuries such as severed limbs and bone fractures.

Regardless of the severity of your accident, our accident lawyers in Plantation, FL can help. As part of our advice to our clients, we have prepared (below) 5 steps to calculating the value of your case.

We Asked An Attorney About 5 Steps to Finding Out How Much Your Case is Worth

1. Assessing the damages

The initial step is determining how the injury has affected you. It may include the severity of the injury, the medical bills incurred, the income and time you lost for missing workdays, and the effect of having an injury on your mental health, family, and lifestyle.

2. Determining the Parties at fault

Next, your personal accident attorney will consider which among these damages were caused by the defendant. After all, you can only hold the defendant responsible for the harm they caused. The defendant will also have a lawyer or an insurance company attorney represent them and try to limit their client’s liability.

3. Finding the cause

In this step, your lawyer will try to determine whether the defendant’s actions that lead to your injury can really be considered a wrongful act. The defendant should have violated something or was negligent of their responsibilities to make them liable.

4. Collecting evidence

Even if what you say is true and your attorney believes it to be true, you should be able to prove it to an impartial jury. To do so, there should be enough evidence to prove what you have both deduced in the first four steps.

5. Calculating the damages

If you are worried about the expenses, then you may be interested in our no-win-no-fee personal injury lawyers at AskMyAttorneys. We make sure that our clients can get the compensation that they rightfully deserve. And if we don’t get your money for you, you don’t need to pay for our services.

At AskMyAttorneys, you don’t pay if you don’t get paid.

How much compensation will you receive? Ask An Attorney To Assess Your Individual Case For Free!

By filing a legal claim, there are several factors that can help determine the compensation you may receive. You may start by answering the following questions:

Although we can’t answer the “how much” question with an exact figure, we can help you determine the monetary damages that you are entitled to receive for your injuries.

What monetary damages are you entitled to?

According to our personal injury lawyer in Plantation, there are several types of monetary compensation that you may receive for sustaining serious injuries in accidents. This depends on the following factors:

It is hard to give value to something so personal, such as the toll of the injury to your mental health and lifestyle adjustments you had to make because of the accident. Although these things are essentially subjective and hard to quantify, they are still considered when calculating the reimbursement you are entitled to receive.

personal injury lawyer in plantation

Where to find a personal injury lawyer in Plantation?

If you were involved in a personal injury case or motor vehicle accident and need help, ask us, and we will answer all your questions, aggressively represent you and your loved ones.

Our lawyers are known in the community to provide reliable, trustworthy answers, aggressive legal representation, and affordable legal services. You NEVER PAY unless YOU GET PAID. We understand you have your choice of no-win, no-fee personal injury lawyers

Understand your legal rights when you are involved in a car accident. Schedule an appointment or contact us at 954-961-5100 and ask an attorney for a free initial consultation. We speak English and Spanish. 

Calculating damages include past and future medical expenses, loss wages and benefits and pain and suffering.

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