Loss Income: Who Pays?

Loss Income: Who Pays?

Finding responsible parties is the key to determining who pays for your loss income, wages and benefits. While we investigate your case for responsible parties, here are 4 insurance coverages that maybe available to you in getting your loss income paid after a crash: PIP, BI, UM, or disability insurance.

Insurance Coverage

Sixty percent (60%) of your loss wages up to policy limits are covered by Your Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

Bodily Injury insurance for the “At Fault Party” pays for the balance of your loss income up to its policy limits. You may also recover for loss benefits in certain situations with BI.

Uninsured Motorist / Under-insured Motorist insurance covers loss wages should they exhaust your PIP and At Fault Party’s BI benefits, you still loss income. UM also covers loss wages when the At Fault Party has no insurance coverage.

If PIP, BI and UM are either exhausted or not available then your only option is disability insurance.

Ask A Lawyer

If you have loss income and injuries due to a vehicle accident but are not sure what options are available to you then contact our attorney at 954-961-5100 in Broward or 877-961-5100 any where in Florida.

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