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4 Tips to Avoid Road and Car Accidents in South Florida

It’s no secret that South Florida has some of the most congested roads and expressways in the US. Many of us have experienced the bumper-to-bumper traffic in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and the frustrating gridlock along I-95. 

Unfortunately, traffic jams are not just frustrating; they also give way to different kinds of road accidents, such as car collisions and road rages. In fact, statistics from the FLHSMV suggest that the Sunshine State sees over 400,000 car crashes in 2021 with 2,400 traffic-related fatalities. This makes Florida the third-highest state in America, where vehicle crashes and fatalities occur.

Car accidents can occur anytime and anywhere, no matter how careful or experienced a driver may be. However, it does not hurt to be reminded of the do’s and don’ts on the road so you can go and live your life without experiencing the unthinkable. 

Here are four vital tips you must remember every day to avoid getting into a car accident in South Florida.

  1. Stay alert

According to the CDC, approximately 9 people die in car collisions every day due to distracted driving. Distracted driving refers to any activity that diverts the driver’s attention away from the road. It may be as simple as glancing at the phone to send a message, playing loud music, or engaging in a conversation with other people. 

All these things take away your focus from driving, thus endangering you, your passengers, and the vehicles surrounding you. So do yourself a favor and pay attention on the road when driving. 

  1. Practice proper driving etiquette

Learning how to drive and navigate the roads of the city should not be the end of it. As a driver, it should be your responsibility to know and practice proper driving rules and manners. These guidelines are usually unspoken but should be followed by all motorists to prevent accidents and save lives.

Some examples of common courtesy you should observe and keep in mind while on the road include the following:

  • Always use your seatbelt when driving.
  • Drive at the designated speed limit.
  • Always use your car’s signal lights to announce your intentions (e.g., when turning or changing lanes).
  • Do not tailgate. Leave a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Do not use your horn excessively; only when needed.
  • Turn off your high beams for vehicles in front of you or oncoming ones from the other lane. Your bright headlights can distract and obstruct the sight of motorists, which increases the risk of an accident.

Furthermore, all drivers and motorists should adhere to the laws and regulations on the road they are driving in. Pay attention to traffic signs and road signals around you. These guidelines will help prepare you for what’s ahead and keep you safe from fender benders.

  1. Keep it cool

According to the NHTSA, aggressive driving refers to acts done while driving that put other drivers, vehicles, or properties in danger. Some examples include driving too close to the car in front, overspeeding, honking angrily, making obscene gestures, ramming a vehicle, and cutting off a vehicle abruptly.

Heavy traffic and irresponsible drivers on the road can be really frustrating and may get to your emotions at times. However, you should learn to be calm and in control of yourself when driving. Here are some important tips on how you can keep your cool while on the road.

  • Set realistic expectations for your travel time. Plan ahead or skip the rush hour by getting on the road earlier than usual. Expect traffic and unexpected road delays, and be okay with it since these things are beyond your control.
  • Be patient and forgiving of other road users. Remember that the road is for everyone so learn to share the space and be understanding of other motorists.
  • Practice common road courtesy and positive driving habits.
  • Learn how to own up to your mistakes and apologize to other drivers. A friendly honk, wave, or smile can go a long way.

Unfortunately, we can only control our own behaviors and actions. No matter how calm and collected you may be, there’s still a huge chance of meeting an enraged driver on the road who doesn’t shy away from making bad decisions.

When this happens, remember not to engage with aggressive drivers. Ignore them and create a safe distance between you and the road rager to avoid unnecessary confrontation. You can also call for help by contacting the nearest police station or road authorities.

  1. Stay sober

Drivers are more likely to make mistakes and bad decisions when drunk or under the influence of alcohol and other substances. As a result, this increases your risk of getting in a car accident and injuring other people. 

So when driving, no matter how near your destination may be, you should still do it sober. Additionally, drivers should refrain from getting behind the wheel when tired, sleepy, or not feeling well. 

Of course, there’s still a slim chance of getting into a car accident since other people do not abide by traffic rules and regulations. When this happens, the best thing to do is call the best personal injury attorney in Broward County.

An experienced lawyer can help you sort things out, uphold your rights, and get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. They can also manage your legal affairs so you can focus on what matters most一your health, recovery, and safety.

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