5 tips on how to stay safe on the roads

We believe the key to safe driving is awareness and knowledge. The National Safety Council states that “For the first time since the Great Recession, the U.S. has experienced three straight years of at least 40,000 roadway deaths”. Therefore, our car accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale takes it as his duty to not only provide expert representation during legal claims, but also to give drivers the right tools to stay safe on the roads, avoiding accidents in the first place.

In one of our recent articles we explain how to prepare in advance for an accident. In this article we give you 5 crucial tips on how you can alter your behavior to avoid accidents.

1. Practice defensive driving

The Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Operations, ANSI/ASSE Z15.1, defines defensive driving skills as “driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others.” 

This means that you should do everything in your power to provide a safe driving experience to yourself and the passengers. Remember that you cannot expect other drivers to follow the rules and be focused – be suspicious of other driver’s next decision. Therefore, buckle up, keep a good distance, and drive attentively! Our car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale believes that this is one of the best ways to avoid accidents and to receive favorable treatment when making a claim.

2. Maintain a well functioning vehicle

This is a no brainer – unattended recalls, lead to unexpected behavior from your vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a paper in February 2015, which suggests that 44,000 crashes in the US involved a faulty vehicle. 

There is a reason why regular check-ups are mandatory. Take note of your tires, brakes, steering, suspension, transmission and engine, alongside the regular oil and coolant level check-ups. An unexpected tire burst, or brakes malfunction can be fatal, especially when travelling at a high speed. This extra 5-10 minutes of work can save your life.

3. Be aware of the legal and safety procedures

Many different countries and even states have unique requirements put in place regarding safety, driving and legal procedures. Not knowing the law is not an excuse to break it. Therefore, wherever you are going, do a search for these differences. Common differences include the amount of alcohol you can have in your system, wearing seatbelts and who is responsible for it, the insurance cover and who the vehicle is registered for, and the equipment and documents to be present in the vehicle.

The differences regarding the accident procedures are also important to look into – contact our car accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale for reliable information about these.

4. Plan your trip

Before you get behind the wheel, make sure you know where you are going on what kinds of roads you will be going on. Country roads and highways come with different kinds of risks that you must watch out for – the speed of driving, the amount of vehicles on the road, the road surface, the likelihood of an alien object appearing on the road, etc. 

Don’t think about the road only, think about the weather conditions and about roadworks. These can make the driving time longer and more difficult as they lead to slower traffic, diversions and more cars cramped in a small space. 

5. Be ready to drive

If you know you will be driving later today, or making a big trip soon, you must put yourself in the best mental and physical position. When driving you must be alert and focused at all times – your and your passengers’ lives are at stake. 

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To ensure you are at your best, make sure to:

  • Be well rested – if you are sleepy, make a stop and rest, drink a cup of coffee, or ask the passengers to help you stay alert with a conversation.
  • Be sober – it is illegal to drive when under the influence
  • Avoid distractions – put your phone out of sight, reduce the volume on the radio, check the route before the journey begins, and if needed take stops when you need to do a different task
  • Avoid driving when emotionally distressed – whether you are extremely stressed, happy, or angry, the intense emotions will divert your attention from the road. Cool down before sitting behind the wheel.
  • Documents – have the necessary documents inside the vehicle, or on you in case an accident occurs. 

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