Creating a safe cycling environment

Florida  has been known as a state with a vast population of cyclists, who use bicycles both as a means for commuting and recreational activity. Many of the public transportation buses in Florida are even equipped with bike racks to transport bicycles. Due to ideal weather conditions throughout the year more and more people engage in cycling. Are other conditions and infrustruce as favorable for the cycling community? Reports indicate that Florida, unfortunately, remains in the top positions for bikes fatalities nationwide. Bike accidents attorneys in Plantation, describe the ways to improve this situation.

Bike accidents attorneys in Plantation answer the question: what can be done?

To increase safety on roads and reduce the number of bicycle crashes complex and multi-dimensional changes should be implemented. We describe them below:

Improving bicycle infrastructure

This implies creating more bicycle paths, increasing the quality of existing ones, establishing repairing spots, and maintaining separate parking spaces. Bicycle lanes should be spacious enough for comfortable riding, preferably of different color than the road or the pedestrian walk.

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Increasing drivers’ and pedestrians’ awareness of cyclists. Building knowledge that cyclists are as important members of the traffic as drivers or pedestrians is crucial. Many drivers still believe that cyclists should stay out of the road, while pedestrians often cross the borders of shared pavements and vice versa, say bike accidents attorneys in Plantation. Mutual respect should be developed with the help of public education.   

Bike accidents attorneys in Plantation: take safety matters into own hands

  • Wear  brighter clothing. Accidents are more frequent at night, therefore neon clothes can be a simple step towards safety.
  • Use a helmet. Even if it’s not legally required – like in Florida for people over 16 – use a helmet, as it may drastically decrease the chances of injury in the case of a fall or a crash. In fact, helmets have been shown to reduce risk of head injury by 85%. Use a helmet, especially while cycling through areas of greater risk, such as close to highways, on unstable surfaces, or in case you enjoy higher speeds.
  • Make sure your bike is equipped with both front and back lights and reflectors, otherwise other traffic members will not be able to see you until it is too late. It is also illegal  to cycle on a public road without a light in Florida. Flashing lights can be used, however a steady lighting is advised, say bike accidents attorneys in Plantation
  • Staying within a bike lane. Those are designed for cyclist to stay in and for drivers and pedestrians to stay out of, even if the lines between those are not clearly visible or are damaged. Limiting the contact between traffic members decreases the possibility of an accident.
  • Do not cycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Many people think that they cannot drink only while driving. Bicycles in Florida are considered vehicles, just like cars, therefore the same rules apply. You can get DUI charges. Contact bike accidents attorneys in Plantation in case you got into an accident while being under the influence of alcohol.

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