School Bus Accident in Broward leaves 18 People Hospitalized

Friday, August 3, 2018: A school bus was involved in a serious accident on I-595 near Davie. It is still unclear what caused the accident, but eyewitnesses say that a car rolled over next to the bus and the windows on the bus shattered.


18 people involved in the accident (including 14 of the children) were taken to nearby ERs. Fortunately, there were no fatalities and the injuries are reported to be not serious.

The latest of an increase in bus accidents

Unfortunately, this accident is not a one-off. It is the latest of an increase in accidents involving buses. In 2016, there were 268 injuries resulting from bus accidents, of which one was a fatality. There were also an additional 7,702 people involved in accidents, but who did not incur any injuries(Source: Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles).

Why is the number of accidents increasing?

First and foremost, there are more drivers on the road. In 2006 there were only 15,491,878 licensed drivers, but in 2016 there were 16,568,874. That’s an increase of over a million drivers. With more drivers on the road, there is a greater statistical chance that there will be more accidents.


Second, it seems that certain counties are hotspots for accidents. Dade had over 61,000 accidents. Higher than any other county. Broward in second place with over 41,000.


Third, drivers between the ages of 25-29 are most likely to be involved in accidents. In 2016 they were responsible for 230 car accidents in Florida. They are also the age group most likely to be caught drink driving.


However, if you are expecting alcohol to be one of the reasons behind the increase in accidents, you would be wrong. The number of accidents in Miami-Dade involving alcohol actually decreased between 2015-2016 (Source: Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles).

Advice for those involved in an auto accident

If you have ever been involved in an auto accident, you will know that it is a stressful and challenging situation. You have have sustained physical injuries, plus be in a state of shock, not to mention worrying about other factors such as insurance and how to pay for the ensuing medical bills.


Read more about what to do after an auto accident.


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