Motorcycle Accident Kills Aspiring Young Man Before He Could Attain His Dream

Earlier this month, a young man was killed in a motorcycle accident at the intersection of Flamingo Road and Northwest 136th Avenue. According to a report by the Sun Sentinel, the young man, just 21 years old, was an “expert auto mechanic” and had his sights set on becoming a pilot for one of the major U.S. airlines.

The young motorcyclist was heading south on Flamingo Road, when a driver headed north on the same road attempted to make a left in front of the motorcyclist. Tragically, the car cut off the young motorcyclist, forcing him to crash into the side of the car. The driver of the car remained on the scene and, although police are still investigating the cause of the accident, they have not pressed charges against the driver as of now.

Motorcycle Accidents Are Some of the Most Dangerous Accidents

Due to the inherent dangers in motorcycle riding, when an accident does occur, it more often results in a fatality. For this exact reason, all drivers should take extra precaution when they see motorcyclists on the road. If they don’t, more situations like the one described above are bound to occur.

Civil Liability in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents, like all other auto accidents, look to the laws of negligence to determine who is at fault and who is able to recover. Generally speaking, the party who is negligent is responsible for the victim’s injuries. However, what if both parties are negligent in some regard?

Florida is a “Modified Comparative Fault” state, when it comes to it’s negligence laws. This means that, as long as one party is less than 50 percent at fault, he or she can recover from any party who is at fault for the accident. However, their recovery amount may be reduced by the amount of their own fault.

This is in contrast to some other state’s negligence laws, which prohibit any amount of recovery if a party is even the slightest bit negligent. As Florida law stands currently, it is more favorable towards victims, especially those who may be at fault for at least a small portion of the accident.

Have You Been Injured in a Florida Motorcycle Accident?

If you have recently been injured in a motorcycle accident in Broward County or a surrounding area, you need to seek the counsel of an experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Plantation immediately. As an accident victim, you may have the right to recover for your injuries, as well as for any pain and suffering that the accident caused you. However, there are certain timelines that must be followed. To find out what you need to do to preserve your rights, contact an experienced Broward County auto accident attorney today. Click here to contact a skilled and passionate Broward County accident attorney, or call 954-961-5100.

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