Thirty-Two People Injured When Tow Truck and Bus Collide

Thirty-Two People Injured When Tow Truck and Bus Collide

Earlier last week, thirty-two people were taken to the hospital when a tow truck collided with a Broward County bus. According to a story by the Miami Herald, the accident, which occurred around 4 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, was near the 1400 W. block of Sample Rd.

Both drivers were reported to have minor injuries. Most passengers—except for one, who had moderately serious injuries—suffered only minor injuries. The injured were transported to two hospitals in the area; Broward Health North, Broward Health Imperial Point and Northwest Medical Center.

Bus Drivers Are Held to a High Duty of Care

All drivers who use public roads are required to follow the rules of the road and operate their vehicles in a respectful and courteous manner. The law calls this a “duty of care.” Bus drivers, as well as other types of commercial drivers, also have a duty of care. A bus driver’s duty of care may be even higher considering the fact that bus drivers carry passengers for pay.

Drivers Who Violate a Duty of Care May Be Responsible for Their Negligent Actions

Whenever a driver, whether of a bus, truck, taxi, or motorcycle, violates a duty of care there may be a case for monetary damages. The law encourages drivers to be careful and considerate of their fellow drivers. Along these lines, the law will allow a victim of an accident to recover damages from the driver who caused the accident if a few elements can be met:
– Another driver acted negligently, violating a duty of care
– That driver’s negligent behavior caused the damages to the injured party
– There was no intervening circumstance that absolved the negligent driver form responsibility.

Negligence Cases Can Encourage Safe Driving

By allowing victims of accidents to recover from those at fault, the law encourages all drivers to be safe and avoid accidents. If drivers know that they can be held civilly liable for the damages they cause, presumably drivers will be more aware of their actions and how those actions affect fellow drivers.

Injured in an Auto Accident?

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, you may be entitled to monetary damages to compensate you for your injuries or loss. On occasion drivers fail to follow the rules of the road, violating the duty of care they agree to follow by using public roads.

To find out what rights you have, and to determine if there are any time restrictions in place, you should consult with an experienced accident attorney immediately. With an attorney’s assistance you will better be able to navigate the system and determine what course of action is best for you and your family.

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