Motorcycle Accident:Teen Faces DUI Manslaughter Charges for Driving While High

Motorcycle Accident: Teen Faces DUI Manslaughter Charges for Driving While High

Earlier this year in March, Adam Daszkal, 17, struck and killed a motorcyclist on Palmetto Park Road. According to a story by the Palm Beach Post, Daszkal was travelling in the outside lane when he tried to make an U-turn in his blue Infiniti. As he made the turn, he cut in front of Camil Paquet, 61, who was travelling in the inside lane on a motorcycle. The two collided and Paquet went flying. One witness told reporters that they saw Paquet get knocked off the motorcycle,  fly through the air, and land on his head.

Paquet, of Pompano Beach, was not wearing a helmet and died from the blunt force injuries to his head and chest he suffered as a result of the accident. Daszkal suffered no injuries. In a post-accident interview with police, Daszkal admitted to smoking marijuana in the car shortly before the accident.

After speaking to one of Daszkal’s passengers, they learned that the high school students had rolled a joint and were smoking it on the way to the beach.

Earlier this week, charges were filed against Daszkal for DUI manslaughter. He turned himself in to police, and a judge has set bail at $50,000. If bail is posted by his family, Daszkal will be required to stay away from drugs and alcohol, adhere to a strict curfew, and undergo random drug testing.

 DUI Doesn’t Pay

Aside from the obvious personal loss and tragedies associated with impaired driving or , there is a strong financial cost to those who engage in the behavior, as well. When a DUI  driver injures, kills, or damages the property of another citizen, the law holds that driver is responsible for his innocent victim. Although the law can not bring back a deceased loved one, nor undo the pain of injuries associated with an accident, it can hold those responsible the individual that caused the accident by driving when in a compromised state.

For cases in which a driver is legally intoxicated and causes an accident resulting in injury, death, or property damage, the innocent victim often is able to recover sizable monetary damages. Accident-injury claims generally require proof that the driver was negligent. What is more negligent than getting behind the wheel of a car when you are legally intoxicated?

Injured By an Impaired Driver?

If you or a loved one has been victim of another driver’s negligence, whether it be alcohol or drug related or not, you may be entitled to monetary damages. To best determine what your options are, you should speak to an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Plantation who is well versed in the law of negligence. Click here to contact a reputable, experienced attorney in South Florida.

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