Bicycle Accident: Bicyclist Runs Into Car, Severely Injuring Himself

Bicycle Accident: Bicyclist Runs Into Car, Severely Injuring Himself

Earlier this week, at around 9 p.m. on Wednesday, a bicyclist crashed into a car as he was heading south on South Dixie Highway. The Sun Sentinel reports that the car, waiting to make a turn, was trying to head west on Southwest Second Street when the bicyclist collided with the car. After the collision, the bicyclist, a 50­–60 year old male with no identification on him, was run over by the car, leaving him in critical condition. When emergency responders arrived, they noticed that the bicycle had a small motor on it that was not running. The driver of the car suffered no injuries.

 Same Responsibilities and Same Rights as Drivers

In places with nice weather, such as southern Florida, accidents between bicyclists and cars occur with some regularity.  Although bicycles are smaller and less capable of causing damage to others, they are considered vehicles under Florida’s traffic code. This makes sense, because bicyclists are on the road just like cars and, if they do not follow the rules, can cause accidents just the same as cars. Because of this classification, bicyclists must follow the same rules that drivers do, i.e., stopping at red lights and stop signs, yielding to pedestrians and other vehicles, and obeying all traffic signals. Bicyclists can actually be issued citations, just like drivers of cars.

Along with these responsibilities, bicyclists also enjoy the same rights as drivers. They are allowed to occupy a lane of traffic, provided they are traveling at an appropriate speed (obviously, bicyclists are not permitted on major highways and freeways).

 Keep an Eye Out for Cyclists: The Road Belongs to Us All

The bottom line is that, like it or not, bicyclists share the road with drivers. Because of this, each should be considerate of the other, always ensuring to drive in a safe and courteous manner. It is when drivers and cyclists are in a hurry, or get lazy, that people get hurt.

When a bike lane is provided, cyclists must use the lane and stay out of traffic. However, when there is no bike lane, bicyclists are generally allowed to be on the road. When driving, if you see a bicyclist, make sure to give them room; they have the same right to be there as you do.

 Injured in an Auto Accident?

The law provides remedies to those injured by negligent and inattentive drivers. If you have been injured in an accident that you believe was caused by the negligence of another driver or cyclist, you make be entitled to monetary damages. To find out what rights you have, and to ensure that those rights remain in effect, you should contact an experienced accident attorney immediately. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, you increase your chances of ensuring you are given what the law provides.

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